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Mobile app Builder

enGap is a mobile app creater, to quickly build a mobile App for your website.

Developer can build Pages,Views and theme and keep the files on server.

To begin with we have integrated it with ELGG and WordPress.now build your wordpress mobile app, or ELGG Mobile App and design your own customised app. and be your own mobiled App maker.



enGap Features.

  • configurable Pages,Views,tabbar and theme.
  • Sidebar as slidein menu.
  • newfeed
  • workis in offline mode
  • Do it yourself.modify and add pages and theme at your site
  • website sidebar as slidein bar in mobile app
  • enGap Pro

    enGap Pro Features.

  • Push notification for elgg river and elgg notification
  • Location service
  • mobile chat
  • security
  • customization
  • Adjustment
  • wordpress mobile

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    Words from Our Clients

    Our Client
    Our Client
    We just got our app ready in few hours using enGap.its that easy!! on top of that enGap helped us in adding more features just I wanted.

    Kenneth M Danmark

    Our Client
    Our Client
    Best thing about enRaiser team is, they listen the ideas, work on them and come with better ones! Quick collaboration, online project management and developers are really good.

    Michael Müller Germany